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Just after 9/11/01, some of the 11,000 FCC licensed volunteer Amateur Radio operators in Minnesota decided they could build a radio based data network covering our region.  This network would provide a reliable backup email and data capability to support them in the event of an emergency that disabled or overloaded normal communications channels.  We passed the hat and collected enough funds and donated equipment to complete a network using legacy AX.25 packet radio technology, which has been running to commercial reliability standards since 2002. 

In order to provide modern, standards based, high capacity volunteer emergency communications services, we built an advanced digital backbone supporting voice and data using D-Star(r) from Icom.  We have five rooftop D-Star data nodes (100 kbps) and several mixed data/voice repeaters online at all times to support volunteers in our area.  At our events our operators are embedded in our served agencies and can also use a mixture of technologies as directed such as the State ARMER system, 802.11, mobile devices and rented trunking radios to meet the needs of the events and to ensure our operators are trained.  

We provide volunteer medical communications planning, equipment and support for two large urban marathons and a half marathon. We are now deploying our third generation very high speed ( megabits) data network, using high power D-Star DD mode radios married to OLSR mesh technology @5Ghz.  We hold monthly work sessions (3rd Sat) to upgrade our te
chnology and do event planning. 

Our organization leads the delivery of up to date, NIMS-friendly volunteer emergency communications in our region.   We work across all served agencies, and are happy to provide free advice in managing complex emergency /health communications challenges using the latest technical best practices and trained, dedicated volunteers.   

Our latest talk was presented at TAPR DCC 2013:  http://www.slideshare.net/ny9d/marathondstar
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1. KC0TQI East Ramsey County, 250' AGL 1.2 DD 1299.000 - MNSTP - Sponsored by Twinslan/Mining ARC etc - is the web/Citadel server- .1 is the base repeater.  Up 8/15
2. WD0HWT Minneapolis South/MSP Airport/MOA - 200'AGL - - 1298.000 DD only 172.16.7.x is the DHCP range.  It is on the mesh backdone now.  Citadel etc is on  *Note this system is not owned or financially supported by the MARA. (+ DHCP)

3. KE8TX 1251.000 DD DHCP  Minneapolis Downtown East - 400' AGL - Excellent range.  Thanks to Hennepin County Mobile Corps + Dan Skripka and Doug Reed. Emergency power.  1.2 RF issues 8/17.    

4. 1299.300 DD /2M DV 145.11 KD0JOU- Minneapolis Downtown NE - Sponsored by Greg K and Alan + DV 1283.300. DV works great. USROOT. The coverage is excellent across the metro.  It now has 440 - 444.875.   

5. W8WRR B 1249.000 DD  STPONE - Downtown St. Paul #1 Site. DV 443.350.  USCG Aux.  Up, lousy Internet.  Has 5ghz mesh omni on Channel 157

6. WT0O -145.150 /442.900 - Up -New West Metro site, excellent coverage.  Need Internet. 

7. U of M- Moos Tower Minneapolis. 443.425 + W0YC DV  On the alternate gateway- having RF issues. 

8. Anoka Radio Club/Bakken Club. On the air 443.775 DV  Mounds View. W0ANA  B (two spaces) - now with 1.2 DV/DD- also 2 meters up (6/20/11) 145.405 DV - Note No US Root.   Good coverage North and West.  .405 may move to Ramsey

9. 1299.500 DD + full stack - +DD - Chaska- Alan. Now all on USROOT.
KD0JOS DV 442.1250
See www.minnesotadstar.org

10. 1298.50 DD Portable repeater owned by Alan

11. 1251.500 DD MNWASH. KA0JSW /24 + DHCP Bayport, MN @600 feet. Installed on 10/1/13.  DD + packet. 

12. Anoka Club - Ramsey 444.525  DV on the Gateway W0MGT

13. KA0JSW B - 444.000 + DV system  + DV 1285.500 DV also- Up on our Gem Lake site.  IRCDDB + Pi. 

14. W1AFV- Up @400 feet.  442.95 DV. Up.  No Internet yet, decent Minneapolis coverage.     

15. KD0YLG 443.850 St Cloud very wide coverage @500 feet.    

Rochester, Twin Cities and Bemidji, Duluth, Wabosso, Faribault - Up
Little Falls - W0REA B 444.000  up on US Root 3/2012
Fargo Moorhead 440.000 - Up at  NDSU KD0SWQ
Reflector 053- Minnesota - Up in a VPS hosting center in St. Paul.  One deck - B- is for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, a key new served agency for us. 
KC0WLB is a full time G2 registration server  
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