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News Archive
To optimize this website and to speed up loading, we have archived all news previous to 2014 in a .PDF file you can download and/ or browse.
D-Star MN Network News Archive 2006-2011 PDF (10Mb)
Latest News
12/21/18: W8WRR is now linked in @400 feet in St Paul thanks Peter KD8GBL
8/24/18: Our Mesh Network is now connected to the St Paul Fire Department and our St Paul to Minneapolis link is approved.  
3/25/18: Our team has direct relationships and or equipment in all the Level One trauma centers in Minnesota.   
3/9/18: KD0JOV is on the Internet @400 feet near Golden Valley.  442.9 and 145.15. G3.
10/21/17: W1AFV is on- net @Minneapolis 442.95 at 300 feet.  Note also XRF858A is linked to our Reflector 53a. 
10/7/17: We have a lot of major served agency interest in expanding the mesh backbone after the Marathon.   We have five nodes in stock. 
1/28/17: We had a meeting with the MN Mesh folks on 1/21/17. There is a lot of common interest. Served agencies are the key.
: We have a few copies of the new Icom G3 Gateway Software package -64 bit  - we are all in- KC0WLB is first.  One idea is to move that site into the cloud as it has so many registered users, and put a Pi and the IRCDDB code + new call at the actual repeater.  
11/19/16: We are going to add more 5Ghz 802.11a mesh nodes in St Paul and connect to Hennepin County.  The idea is to better cover the city and link to Minneapolis. Volunteers from both counties are represented.  Note we are not using the HSMM-Mesh(tm) frequency plan. We think 2.4G is pretty congested.  We use OpenWRT +OLSR. 
7/16/16: STPONE (Downtown St Paul) has a 5G mesh Ubiquiti + OpenWRT omni (Ch 157- N0TL.Twinslan.net) at 250+ feet - the Internet is still slow however. 
7/1/16: REF53 has been moved to a better (peering) cloud and we are pondering moving KC0WLB to the cloud as a designated registration site for our G2 legacy users.   We are building an ircDB gateway as a prototype for the whole fleet moving forward.
4/17/16: 145.15/442.9 are up at a great site and will largely fix our West Metro coverage gaps.  Thanks Pete and Alan.  W1AFV is up and needs a better antenna and some Internet.
1/9/15: We moved our oldest set of laptops, Eight Compaq N800Vs, to Puppy Precise 5.7.1. 
1/12/14: Our DCC 2013 talk is live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC54ZBclexE
10/1/13: Our MNWASH site 145.67 packet/D-Star DD is up today at 300' HAAT in Bayport, MN
9/22/13: One of the DCC Seattle talks suggested that the ARRL issued digital certificates that are part of Logbook of the World can be used across many digital modes for user authentication.
9/21/13: The ARRL Board, who have been fighting D-Star for years, (though not as hard as they fought No-Code, SSB or FM)  gets their wish granted- yet another incompatible digital system, this time from Yeasu.  
9/13/13: RIP to Wayne Green, W2NSD.  I got a personal hint that the gauntlet was available.
8/8/13: The US Coast Guard Auxiliary W8WRR group has purchased a 440RF deck for W8WRR.   
5G Dish at TCM